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Earn a 5.28% APY with our 9-Month Add Up CD!

With this unique CD, you can add funds equal to or less than the original opening balance of this CD before its maturity date and progressively grow your investment safely and securely when you have extra funds available.

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Savings for Summer!

Dive into savings, open an American Select Savings Account today and earn 2.50% APY on balances of $100 or more. 

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Welcome to American State Bank.

American State Bank has provided its customers with personalized commercial and personal banking services since 1911.

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Spend with peace of mind.

We provide secure technology to all our customers  so you can spend without skipping a beat.

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You are always our first priority. Whether you are on our payroll or you are a customer.

Take a look at our new locations or just find the closest one to you.

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Regular Banking Hours
  • Tyler Area: Dial 903.859.2211
  • Toll Free: Dial 866.579.7959
To report fraudulent or suspicious activity contact us at 866.579.7959
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