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Personal Checking

When you bank with us, you're not a faceless account.

Our goal at American State Bank is to build a solid and long-lasting relationship with you. We have five types of personal checking accounts. Each offers different opportunities, from the ability to securely pay online to free checks, interest earnings, and more.

This checking account earns interest and rewards you on your entire daily balance when utilizing some of our convenient banking services and tools. Perfect for the person on the go that wants to make their money grow.

Simple, convenient, and right for you,  with no minimum balance requirements after account opening.

Much like Preferred Checking with additional benefits for maintaining a higher minimum balance.

A checking account for people age 55 or better with all the checking services you would need.

This checking account earns interest on your entire daily balance and offers unlimited check writing.

  • Terms & Fees may change without prior notice
  • Minimum balance required to avoid service charge and qualifications may apply. Account disclosures obtained when opening account contain complete account details
  • See Schedule of Fees for other applicable charges
  • Fees and other conditions may reduce the earnings on your account
  • *We may require not less than 7 days’ notice before each withdrawal from an interest-bearing account other than a time deposit or from any other savings account as described by Regulation D
  • *Eligibility limited to individuals, nonprofit organizations and governmental units
  • For current interest rates call 1-866-579-7959.
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Open a personal account online!

With our online account opening, you can open a checking account, savings account, and even certificates of deposit.

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